Russian Reality Server Rules

Reports, complaints, ban appeals:

Please use this template to make your report, complaint or ban appeal topic. Topic must be created here.


1. Communication

    1.1. Do not insult other players
    1.2. Do not spam chat, mumble\voip or radiochat

2. Squads

2.1. Do not create squad before 1:30 at pre-round timer
2.2. All players must be in squads. Squadless players will be removed from server automatically
2.3. Do not lock infantry squad below 4 players in it

3. Assets

3.1. There is No Asset Rule on server. You can't reserve assets with squadname
3.2. Do not solo heavy assets
3.3. Do not operate assets if lack of proper experience. You will be punished for exessive wasting
3.4. Do not steal assets using by other players (for example when driver go out for healing, etc.)
3.5. Do not use supply trucks as taxi

4. Behaviour

4.1. No TeamKilling (TK). No TeamAttacking (TA)
4.2. No Team Vehicle Damage (TVD). Do not damage friendly caches
4.3. Do not force teamkill. Do not block team vehicles
4.4. Do not give information (such as your team positions, cache dislocations and so on) to the enemy
4.5.Base raping and camping exits from enemy base is forbidden unless there is an attack flag on it.
Base is:
- Place with asset's respawn points and stationary repair station near it.
- Place with undisappearable infantry spawn points.
4.6. Do not steal kits using by other players
4.7. Cheating and glitching are stricktly forbidden

5. Buildings

5.1. Do not place mortars inside your team's Dome of Death (DOD)
5.2. Don't deploy FOB\Hideout inside the walls so they can't be destroyed
5.3. Do not shoot from inside the textures (for example when you spawned inside it)

6. Other

6.1. Do not advertise or try to recruit for other communities
6.2. AFK-players can be kicked since server is full for 95%
6.3. Show fairplay and make teamwork
6.4. Do not disrupt gameplay. Do not attempt to test or argue the rules.


1. To Squadleader (SL)

1.1. Form your squad to be capable to act as a unit and to complete its objectives.
1.2. Name your squad after its role. INF, MECH INF, FOB+INF, CAS, TANK, APC, TRANS, LOGI, FOB, MORTARS, ATTACK, DEFEND, BMP3, AIRTRANS, etc. It will help your team to communicate.
1.3. Always check your squadmates for microphone. Its better to kick players without mic from your squad.
1.4. Work and cooperate with your Commander and other SquadLeaders. Share intel and ask for support.
1.5. Always control your squad. You and only you are responsible for your squadmates. Its your duty to decide what to do next. You must think first before you move.

2. To Commander (Comm)

2.1. Try to see the situation from above. Control and coordinate squads. Your strategy skills and ability to make all of those squads to work as unit is the only way to win.
2.2. Gather and share as much intel as possible .

3. To player

3.1. Always join squads. Lonewolfs and rambos are mostly useless.
3.2. Stay close to your squadleader and follow his orders. Its simple and effective.
3.3. Ask your squadleader what kit you have to take.
3.4. Ask your squadleader where to spawn.
3.5. You must have mic and headphones. Communication is one of vital parts of the game.
3.6. Give intel quick, clearly and concise. Do not spam.